Mediavore: Southside Greenhouses; Burger King for a Dollar


Some South-side food activists are working to bring CSAs and eventually a working greenhouse to the grocery-impoverished neighborhood. [ChiTown Daily News]

To compete with McDonald's, Burger King has started asking franchisees to drop the price of their double cheeseburger to just $1. [Tribune]

Burger King's new ad in Spain, which features a burger set in front of an image of the goddess Lakshmi and the text "A snack that is sacred", has drawn criticism from Hindus. [ABC via AdAge]

Sushi baron Hagen Stehr has figured out how to breed sustainable bluefin tuna. [Bloomberg]

Testing reveals that menu calorie counts are often incorrect - Taco Bell's fresco grilled steak soft taco, listed as having 160 calories, turned out to have 297. [WSJ]

A new Congressional report raises concerns about the safety of bottled water. [Reuters]