Chicago Diner's Tempest in a Tip Jar


At this past weekend's Market Days, the Chicago Diner labeled their tip jars "Sarah Palin Retirement Fund." One irate blogger from political site HillBuzz thinks this kind of tongue-in-cheek labeling counts as fraud you see, contrary to what you might expect from a vegan restaurant promoting itself at a gay and lesbian festival, the money's not actually going to underwrite Palin's post-retirement lifestyle. So he confronted Chicago Diner management.

"Are you a 501(c)3 authorized to ask for donations to a Fund of any kind. If so, whats your 501(c)3 number?

Look, for the last 5 years we ran a Bush Impeachment Fund and no one complained. People here hate Palin and weve gotten lots of compliments on those jars. People take their pictures with them and everything. So this is the first negative thing Ive heard.

You didnt answer the question. Do you see the difference between asking for TIPS like the other booths and asking for donations for what is a fictitious Fund you are running using Sarah Palin, a private citizens, good name?

I dont have time for this. Its a joke that everyone thinks is funny because Palin is a joke.

HillBuzz likens the faux-Palin tip jar to a fake Jerry's Kids tin or NAACP College Fund collection. He's now calling for the Chicago Diner's business license to be revoked, and encouraging his readers to call the restaurant and complain. [HillBuzz]