Eating BLTs With An Artistic Eye

Do you have it in you to turn this into art?

Perhaps the best part of this summer's Tomato Fest is its BLT Extravaganza. Chefs from restaurants like The Gage, Lockwood, Blackbird, and others will be adding locally-sourced BLTs to their menu from August 17 through September 20. The tomatoes will be heirloom, the pork local, and the results no doubt delicious. Here's where you come in: if you're artistically inclined, Tomato Fest's organizers are in need of a poster promoting the BLT Extravaganza. Something clean, sophisticated ... and bacony. If you think you have it in you, PDF submissions are accepted through August 14. Check out the official call for entries for details. [Chicago Tomato Fest via The Local Beet]