Brown-bag It Like a Chef’s Kid


Tomorrow is the first day of classes for students in the LA Unified School District, but that doesn't mean that it's back to bologna sandwiches for everyone. We checked in with a few chefs Josiah Citrin of Cache, Amy Sweeney of Ammo, and Jonathan Burrows of Mr. Cecil's California Ribs to see what they make for their families. If only our parents were chefs!

Josiah Citrin, Executive Chef at Cache:
"Augie is 12, Olivia is 9. They often get their lunch packed with Korean Style BBQ Kalbi (marinated grilled beef) with steamed rice, black beans and rice with grilled chicken, and packed balsamic dressing with romaine heart leaves, tomatoes, and cucumbers for dipping."

Amy Sweeney, Owner/Executive Chef at Ammo
"Alexander is 5. When it's warm he likes a romaine heart salad with cucumber, sweet 100 tomatoes, and reggiano with lemon, and olive oil with grilled chicken breast. When it's cold he likes chicken soup and Alexander's brown rice, which is on our lunch menu. I also put in a fruit roll from the farmers market, apple and peach, or apple and strawberry, and a piece of fruit, whatever is best. I always put in a note with a joke and tell Alexander that I love him. And he loves these chewy ginger candies, so on Fridays, I put one of those in."

Jonathan Burrows, Owner/Chef at Mr. Cecil's California Ribs:
"My kids are 6 and 10. They get peanut butter & jelly some days, and other days cold beef ribs or baby back ribs, or occasionally barbecued chicken. And as a special treat, hushpuppies & cold salmon. What were you expecting?"

What else are chefs putting in their families' lunch boxes? We surveyed cooks throughout the Grub Street network. Get some school-lunch ideas from Boston, New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.