Aja's Creepy, Confusing, Awesome Green-Goo Advertisement


Flipping through November's Chicago Magazine, we came up short in the face of an ecstatic-looking woman in shockingly glittery pink lipstick being bathed in a deluge of green goo. Turns out this is the first print ad for Aja, the de-steaked reincarnation of the Dana Hotel's Ajasteak that's debuting this Thursday, October 22. We're the first to admit that we have absolutely no idea what's going on in this image — or, for that matter, what it has to do with dinner, restaurants, or the concept of an "urban greenmarket Asian cafe." But it's certainly eye-catching. You do want to see the whole thing, don't you?

Aja's inexplicable green-goo ad

It is unclear whether this is on the menu.Taste Graphics