Food Pantry Vandalism; High-End Chefs do Fast Food


Police think that damage to Ravenswood's All Saints Episcopal Church might be related to last week's New York Times story about neighbors' attitudes toward their food pantry. [CBN]

More restaurants are staying open over Thanksgiving in order to boost their income, even though owners are reluctant about it. [Crain's Chicago]

• As fast food becomes more acceptable in France, chefs like Paul Bocuse and Alain Ducasse are offering up their own interpretations on the genre. [WSJ]

• Hunger groups have too many people volunteering on Thanksgiving and not enough during the rest of the year. [NYT]

• Mark Sargeant, Gordon Ramsay's right hand man for the past thirteen years, has quit to join another restaurant company. [Bloomberg]

• It turns out that Bravo's United Plates of America isn't the only series with that title: Brian Lerch has been producing a show with the title for a year. [Eater]

• Rachael Ray gave Diddy a diamond cuff for his birthday. [NYP]