Get Stinky at Terzo Piano


While we do not advocate skipping personal hygiene in any capacity, there are some arenas in which being stinky is perfectly acceptable. Or at least one arena — when it comes to cheese, where we truly believe that the smellier, the better. Terzo Piano shares that sentiment, and so tonight they're launching a monthly homage to these misunderstood dairy products. The second Thursday of each month, one of the dessert options on the $45 prix fixe dinner menu will be a selection of American smellies, plus a wine pairing. To kick things off tonight there's the (punningly named) Dairy Air, a goat's milk stinker from Reichert's Dairy, Knoxville, Iowa; a Virginia cow's milk from Meadow Creek dairy called Grayson; and Gorgonzola Dolce, from Wisconsin's Bel Gioioso.