Inside The Drunken Goat Stephanie Izard's New Restaurant

Izard's place, soon enough.

We recently took a look inside at 809 W. Randolph, where the building is currently all a-flurry with construction, transforming the very, very raw space into something warm, wood-and-brick-y, bar-crowd-friendly, charcuterie-filled, and tres Stephanie Izard-esque. There's still a ways to go — the restaurant's opening date has been pushed back from the original January to something a little more March-flavored. You'll note we're refraining from using the phrase "The Drunken Goat" — that's because, for various reasons that might or might not be related to dairy products, the restaurant has a new name. That's all we're allowed to say for now, but stay tuned for a big reveal. Update: Which is Girl and the Goat, as Dish reported. Keep reading for a look at the space as it stands today, as well of a rendering of the final product in all its leather-upholstered glory.

Izard's raw space

Before...Helen Rosner

A rendering of the final project

...and aftercourtesy the Boka Group