Musical Chairs with Fonda Del Mar and Don Diablo

The old Fonda Del Mar storefront, which is now Don Diablo, which is not Dos Diablos.

Over the weekend, the owners of Hermosa's Fonda Del Mar shut down their seafood-focused Mexican restaurant, MetroMix reports, and as of today they've turned it into a counter-service taco place called Don Diablo (not to be confused with currently plywooded River North taco place Dos Diablos). But Fonda Del Mar isn't closed — it's just moved over to Wrigleyville, where Fonda Del Mar offshoot FDM is now the new Fonda Del Mar. Let's break it down:

3749 W. Fullerton was Fonda Del Mar, is now Don Diablo.
3908 N. Lincoln was FDM, is now Fonda Del Mar
FDM no longer exists.

Everybody got it now? We're good? Dos Diablos — which will serve tacos, of course, because it is basically a law now that every new Chicago restaurant must serve tacos — will also serve empanadas and seafood cocteles. You can check out the full menu here.

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