The Lollapalloza Food Feud Continues

Graham Elliot Bowles Photo: Tammy Green

Take a deep breath, because the whole spat between Graham Elliot Bowles and Chicago Magazine is not over. Yesterday we reported about Bowles dissatisfaction (thats the polite way to say it) with a mini review that Chicago Magazine posted about some of food that would be available at Lollapalooza. We kind of saw both sides to the story, but figured that was that. But John Des Rosiers of Inovasi in the northern suburbs wrote a long post titled What Graham Elliot Bowles said, how its bull, and why we should care. In the post Rosiers comes right out and says, I think what [Graham Elliot Bowles] said was stupid. Bowles didnt let that stand.

He responded on Twitter yawn..but good attempt to piggyback on the story! keep up Phillip Foss came in as a mediator and suggested everyone smoke a bong, which was just about as hilarious as the Only if you buy us dinner first, comment from yesterday. But then Bowles finally unleashed a GE exclusive on Twitter (as well a comment on our site and the 312 Dining Diva), where he rails against self-importance, Will Smiths Wild Wild West, and ends by claiming that the Chicago Magazine post was a catty, reckless blog post fueled by a sick self-importance for insidious and prosaic journalism.

Weve been looking over the offending post again today, and we are a little perplexed as to why it got everyone so upset in the first place. Besides the question of whether it was okay to review a sample event, we dont see an excessive amount of snark in the actual writeup. Oh well, hopefully this is the end. Check out Bowles full statement below:

When toiling in the restaurant trenches, nothing is more abhorrent, more boring, more flaccid, than programmed cynicism. Wait! No - you know what? Theres something deeper, more repugnant; a quality so malignant that people literally waste years of their precious lives in its delusive grasp: Self-Importance. If we were to fuse these shining traits in an unholy marriage not unlike Frankenstein or Will Smiths Wild Wild West - wed only begin to scratch the surface of the article in question.

Who cares if weve tweaked the food offerings at Lollapalooza (whose home lies in Chicago), with an amazing lineup of Chefs that representswait for it...Chicago? And seriously, why worry about the tens-of-thousands of dollars these independent restaurateurs are putting on the line by trying to make a music festival even better by serving inspired food? Pretty blasé when compared to the collective inhale of the entire city, holding its breath for a "writer" to critique/rate sampling portions of the food that will be offered.

Aside from meddling with the parasitic formula that affords her a job in the first place - Cassie Walker has donned the garb of a fourth-rate Joan Rivers covering the Daytime Emmys. What was supposed to be a fun gathering of Chefs, foodies, bloggers, writers and musicians celebrating the fact that our town now sports the best food offerings of any music fest in the country, sadly turned into a opportunity for a catty, reckless blog post fueled by a sick self-importance for insidious and prosaic journalism.