Dolinsky Hates Baked Ribs

Guess which South Side joint made the list? Photo: Nick Kindelsperger

Continuing his summer list making marathon, Steve Dolinsky picks the citys most overrated ribs for Vocalo. With a incredible rush of new quality barbecue joints opening up this summer, the list seems timely. Its no surprise that the bulk of this list is made up of old school barbecue joints, most of which are on the North Side. Twin Anchors comes it at number one, because theyre not smoked and theyre coated in a sauce that has more sugar than a birthday cake. All right! Carsons, The Patio, and The Fireplace Inn all get a stern talking to, as well. But it wasnt only baked ribs that made the list. One honored South Side joint made the list.

Even though they definitely smoke their meat, Lems BBQ came in at number three because he finds them to be a little careless. The ribs often overcooked, and bathed in a mediocre sauce.

None of the eight or so new barbecue joints that have opened this summer made the list, which makes us wonder whether any of them will make his best ribs in Chicago list.

Dolinsky: Top 5 most overrated ribs in Chicago [Vocalo]