The New York vs. Chicago Pizza War Goes to the Shirts

Wear the battle.

New York trash-talks Chicago pizza for being fat and wearing its tomato like bling. Chicago trash-talks New York pizza for being skinny and folding like a cheap suit. And now you don't even have to say anything to start the eternal argument, you can just wear the shirt. Scared Panda is a local t-shirt company whose homage to the fightin' slices features a pepperoni-clad skinny New York slice putting up its dukes against a brawny, dripping piece of Chicago deep dish. Not a pizza partisan? The Chicago brand's other culinarily-inspired designs include a salute to the Tamale Guy, as well as a particularly moving ode to the no-ketchup rule for hot dogs:

Hold the ketchup

Hold the Ketchup.Courtesy Sad Panda

The shirts are $17, with 10% of proceeds going to local charities chosen by the artists.

[Scared Panda]