Andrew Zimmern Picks His Five Favorite Foods in Chicago

Guess where this freeze-dried pea soup came from? Photo: courtesy of Bizarre Foods

Were still four days away from Andrew Zimmerns Chicago episode of Bizarre Foods, but hes already giving us a peek at what he liked the most. Today on the Bizarre Foods blog he counted down his five favorite dishes in Chicago. Xocos hot choclate, the sausage from Genes Sausage Shop, and the fantastic rib tips from Uncle Johns all make the list. But who is number one? Well, you might have have heard of a little restaurant called Alinea...

Zimmern picked the freeze-dried pea soup, exclaiming that for for flavor alone, that was like diving into a pea pod, and Im a pea freak. Now thats a recommendation. Though its a tad obvious, we have to admit that the soup does look incredibly good. Perhaps its all the hearty winter vegetables weve been eating lately, but a pea soup sounds like a little bit of heaven right now. Check out the full video at his blog.

Freeze-Dried Soup from Alinea [Bizarre Foods]