Roots Handmade Pizza Set to Open Mid-May, Making Mozzarella In-House


We first heard about Roots Handmade Pizza back in November, when Scott Weiner and Greg Mohr, who are also co-owners of The Fifty/50, announced that they’d be bringing Quad City pizza to Chicago. Obviously, our first question was what on earth Quad City pizza was. Luckily, they cleared up all the confusion with a video on their website, which showcased the pair visiting the region for a little pizza research (watch specifically to see them try and strap dozens of pizzas into the backseat of a car). But the two have also been adamant from the very beginning that “everything, even the sausage, will be made in-house.” While many restaurants also claim to do the same, the second video the two have released kind of proves that they are serious. Watch below as both Weiner and Mohr whip up a batch of their housemade mozzarella.

The two also predicted that Roots would finally open in mid-May in the West Town. As we already mentioned, the project also includes a new building for Bleeding Heart Bakery. But enough talk, why don’ you watch the messy business of making mozzarella from scratch: