Public Not Making Money on Sox Restaurant; Today in Tap Water News

• And you were wondering why Illinois is so broke: you, the taxpayer, paid $3.2 million for a Bacardi-branded restaurant opposite Comiskey, and you haven't seen a dime back. [Chicago Tribune]

• For your next European vacation (because that's mostly where these places are), behold the small towns with the most Michelin stars per capita. [HuffPo]

• Tap water is really having a moment. Yes, this is a real news story. [NRN]

• Sorry, wannabe cavemen: an anthropologist debunks the paleo diet. [NPR]

• BPA, that chemical found in plastic bottles, may cause aggression and depression in little girls. [Mother Jones]

• A dentist reveals which Halloween candies are worst for your teeth. Wah wah. [NYDN]