Need a 16-foot Sign? Bleeding Heart Bakery Is Selling One For a Grand

This can all be yours for $1,000!

When we said that "everything must go" at Bleeding Heart Bakery's final liquidation sale, that means everything. According to Time Out Chicago, owners Michelle and Vinny Garcia are selling their enormous 16-foot neon sign on eBay, with a starting bid of $1,000. The reason? Their new location is only 10-feet tall. If you have 16-feet of wall space and a strong desire to hold onto restaurant memorabilia, you have one week to place your bid. The hard sell ahead.

Selling facts:
- Apparently the sign was once used as a prop in the movie "Ali" starring Will "Fresh Prince" Smith. (Celeb appeal!)
- It's vintage. It's "at least as old as 1920," though the Garcias note that they're not antique dealers (but we think this would totally make a good case for the "Antiques Roadshow").
- On that same note, it needs a little work. (Neon needs to be re-wired and blinking exterior lights don't work, but such is life!)
- You have to remove it yourself and transport it locally, in one week. They won't help you with permits either. (This might have excellent luck on Craigslist. Or maybe one day we'll stumble upon it in one of the weird junk rooms of the St. Louis City Museum).

Buy a piece of Bleeding Heart Bakery [Time Out Chicago]