Video: Watch Takashi Make Authentic Japanese Shoyu Ramen

Takashi makes ramen at Slurping Turtle.

Ramen's suddenly everywhere, and the traditional soup once limited to instant cup-o-soups in college is getting newfound respect. But what sets one bowl of ramen apart from the next? In this 3-minute video for Grub Street, Takashi Yagihashi, a Food & Wine Best New Chef in 2000 and owner of Chicago's busy new ramen and yakitori spot Slurping Turtle, shows what goes into a bowl of his traditional shoyu ramen, as diners clamor around him and his cooks serve it up in a kitchen so small it could actually be in Tokyo. Watch it below, then come back Friday for a second installment, in which Takashi talks about another traditional style of cooking in his kitchen— the bincho grill.