Bacon: The Other Bacon

Dirk Flanigan, hard at work on Super-Bacon.

What do you do when the bacon craze has kind of run its course? You invent new things to baconize. As Anthony Todd put it in Friday's Sun-Times, "Veal, lamb, rabbit, portobello, duck and goat are all being given the bacon treatment in Chicago restaurants by creative chefs trying to stand out from the porcine hordes." He looks at four local chefs who are taking bacon to the next level with novel ingredients, from Derek Simcik's rabbit bacon ("He describes his smoking process as 'MacGyvering' the rabbit") at Atwood Cafe, to Dirk Flanigan (The Gage/Henri)'s Frankensteinian creation of lamb cap and goat belly, meat-glued together and then cured. [Sun-Times]