What Would Your Best Sandwich In Chicago Be?

Atomica at Cemitas Puebla

We read a quote somewhere once about sandwiches being what people who are dead to food eat, and while we don't agree with the sentiment, we've eaten more than a few sandwiches in our life that could fit the description. So we've kept it in our head ever since as a warning to eat good sandwiches, sandwiches that sparkle with life and as much culinary invention as any other dish. That's the kind of sandwich that Serious Eats Chicago's team names when asked to pick their one favorite sandwich in town. It's an eclectic list, clearly without calculation of what people would expect to see, since it leaves off the hottest sandwich place of the moment (Publican Quality Meats) but includes two banh mi and two from a single great Mexican sandwich joint (Cemitas Puebla). Check it out— before you go out to lunch. And if you want more, it's an old list but still a valuable one— our 2010 Chicago Sandwich Register. [Serious Eats]