New Restaurants Coming From The Gage and Longman & Eagle Teams

Billy Lawless.

Are we at a crazed saturation point of restaurant openings? Is it a bubble about to burst? One could think so except for the fact that every new spot that opens seems to be packing them in; the number of high-profile flops (BLT American Brasserie, unlucky Premise) doesn't even use half a single hand's fingers. Here are today's announced projects, look for more tomorrow. Crain's headlines its story "Gage's Billy Lawless Reveals Plans For New West Town Restaurant," though in fact that's exactly what he doesn't do: after Crain's poked around and found signs The Gage/Henri owner was planning something, he admitted he was but then instantly induced paranoia in every restaurant owner in West Town by saying he can't talk about it because there's still a business in the space "on the eastern edge of West Town." Of course, it could be a hardware store or a mortuary, but if it's a restaurant space, we wouldn't be surprised to see one of the anonymous spots along Milwaukee near The Butcher & Larder turn higher profile soon. Whatever and wherever it is, it will be a collaboration with Gemstone Cafe Group, which has several west suburban spots, and include a patio and, it seems, a wood oven. [Crain's]

Meanwhile Hyde Park, perennial also-ran among restaurant neighborhoods full of people who you'd think would have a better local restaurant scene by now, is getting a high profile spot for the first time since what, Jerry Kleiner opened Park 52 three years ago? Eater reports that the team behind Longman & Eagle, including chef Jared Wentworth, is planning a restaurant, bar and concert venue called The Promontory for early 2013. It will be on 53rd street, part of a revitalization which has already brought Hyde Park the cultural blessings of... a Clarke's and a Five Guys. Well, we can hope that this will finally be the long-awaited turning point for one of Chicago's most inexplicably underwhelming food neighborhoods. [Eater]