Get Ready For Lula To Become... The Violent Hour


Lula Cafe in Logan Square always has the best Halloween costume— in past years it has transformed its entire restaurant into Taco Hell, a faux faux-Irish pub called O'Lulahan's, and Luma's Corner (where instead of heavy metal burgers, they offered indie rock-themed ones named for Belle and Sebastian and The Shins). When we were shooting a Key Ingredient with chef-owner Jason Hammel last winter, he mentioned one concept in particular he was thinking about for the next Halloween, and sure enough here it comes: The Violent Hour, in which the scariness of blood and gore will meet the true terror of vest-wearing bartenders with facial hair taking 15 minutes to make you a cocktail. (We kid because we love.) To get you in the mood, they released a teaser video on Facebook complete with Dario Argento-John Carpenter style 70s electronic horror movie music. We can hardly wait to see what the drinks will be— though a Dark and Stormy seems a safe bet for one. Watch the short teaser below.

the VIOLENT HOUR from Lula Cafe on Vimeo.