Gorge on Texas BBQ With Steve Dolinsky and Smoque's Barry Sorkin

A bleary-eyed Dolinsky up very early outside Snow's in Lexington, TX.

How did Barry Sorkin and the team at Smoque arrive at such an impressive evocation of Texas barbecue? By eating a lot of Texas barbecue, naturally. And Sorkin is one of the eaters on a recent Austin-area barbecue tour which Steve Dolinsky took and chronicles in a new 11-minute video. His group hit some of the classic spots— Kreuz Market, Smitty's (of Friday Night Lights fame, Southside Market— but also some of the new spots that have popped up in recent years, including Texas Monthly's anointed fave Snow's, and Austin's Franklin BBQ, which Dolinsky calls the best barbecue he's ever eaten in his life. Dolinsky eats so much, in fact, that by day two he's tripping on meat hallucinogens, apparently. So grab your turkey sub and sit and revel in 11 minutes of pure meat porn (interrupted by one stop for doughnuts), straight ahead. [SteveDolinsky.com]