Smacka Napoli: Wrestling Star Entering Artisanal Pizza Market in Chicago

The next Nella Grassano?

You know what we've always thought Chicago's artisanal Neapolitan pizza scene needed? More pro wrestling. And just in time for people who complain that they can't tell the difference between parody food news and the real thing any more, that's exactly what we're about to get, apparently. In the second former-Leon's-location story of the month, the one on Ashland near Fullerton is apparently on its way to being a brick oven pizza place owned by one Lisa Marie Varon, presently known as Tara in TNA Wrestling (okay, we're already past our knowledge of the sport's commercial infrastructure) and before that, as Victoria on the WWE circuit, no doubt for her resemblance to a queen of England. The Tribune's Luis Gomez reports that Varon, who had a restaurant in Kentucky at one time, says “We're focusing on artisanal brick oven pizza. Everything (will be) made on premise: the dough, a fifth generation sauce, fresh local ingredients. And then house blend burgers: hormone and antibiotic free beef, ground in house.” This is no slap-a-celebrity-name-and-cash-the-checks operation, either; Varon plans to be working the place regularly. And you don't want to undertip anyone who just won TNA Women’s Knockouts Champion at Bound For Glory. [Tribune]