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Ex-Employee Accuses Waffle House Chairman of Sexual Shenanigans

Greasy.Photo: Eli Hodapp/Flickr

Here's some news to mull over breakfast this weekend: ABC News says a woman who worked for Waffle House chairman Joseph Rogers Jr. is accusing Rogers of sexual harassment.

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Congrats To Lee Ann Whippen on Five-Figure Potato Salad Win & More

What would you want to bet you can win for really good potato salad? Would you guess $10,000? Us neither, but Lee Ann Whippen of Chicago Q has the cash in hand to prove it; she took first place in that category at the World Food Championships in Las Vegas this past week, as well as second place in the cream cheese potato salad category (which you will not be shocked to learn was sponsored by Philadelphia Cream Cheese). And these aren't the only things she's won lately; the week before her competitive barbecue team placed tenth of 86 competing teams in the overall competition at "The Jack," the Jack Daniels 2012 World Championship Invitational Barbeque in Lynchburg, Tennessee.

Cereal Art Is Happening

"Shredded Wheat at Dusk."Photo: Ernie Button

Meet Ernie Button, the photographic love child of Georgia O'Keeffe and a bowl of Trix. The Arizona-based shutterbug has a new series called Cerealism, in which he captures ordinary grains of breakfast cereal set against extraordinary, even surrealistic backdrops, including a shot of an Apple Jack that looks like an aerodynamic tumor.

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McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s Struggling — Here’s Why

They never should have fired the King.

Third-quarter sales recently came in for the big three in the fast-food world, and things aren't looking too good for any of them. Last week Burger King announced a dramatic drop in net income of 83 percent compared to the same quarter last year; McDonald's admitted this week that a key sales figure (global revenue at restaurants open at least thirteen months) had dropped for the first time in a decade; and Wendy's, which deposed Burger King for the first time this year to take the No. 2 burger spot in the nation, is operating at a widening loss, though their revenues seem to be on the rise. So why is all this happening to the fast-food giants? Allow us to posit a few major reasons.

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Interested in New Meat? Grouse is In the House at Everest

The famous Grouse.

If the prospect of Next's The Hunt menu has you salivating at the thought of what new species you can cross off your list (incidentally, they farm raise lions in upstate Michigan and Wisconsin, we're just sayin'), then here's some news you'll want to know. Scottish grouse, a delicacy in dining in the U.K. for its earthy, gamey flavor but rarely served in the U.S., since we don't have big Scottish estates full of wild birds and a tradition of weekend hunting parties to cull them, will be on the menu at Everest during the last few weeks of the traditional grouse season, which is to say, right now. At Everest, it will be served as a crepinette of wild grouse roasted in Alsace cabbage.

Trotter Wine Falls Off Back of Truck

If you downloaded the catalog from Charlie Trotter's wine auction at Christie's when we linked it the other day, you might want to keep the red pencil handy. An entire palette of wine mysteriously vanished en route from Chicago to Christie's in New York, reports Eater. From the description Trotter provided, it's hard to know if the thieves were particularly picky— he says about 10% of it was very high end, but that may have just been luck of the draw. Christie's says nothing like this has ever happened (probably not true, but still, this would be an especially brazen example) and they apparently will make good to Trotter at fair market value, though as he says, "Isn't the point of an auction to get more than fair market?" [Eater]

There Is Stuff Afoot In Chicago! Like Max & Eli Sussman Signing, Dose Market, Ruxbin Rezzes, And Farewell Ari

There is stuff afoot in this city of ours, and we are going to list some of it now. First off let us wish the best to our friendly rival Ari Bendersky, who is leaving Eater Chicago (that position's open, by the way) to join the most excellent Chicago-based online retailer of good naturally-made stuff, Abe's Market. A great scoop-getter, a tireless enthusiast for our food scene, lots of fun to go to the same media event with, and a good sport, Ari's witty presence will be missed on the food beat.

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Nagrant Finds Elizabeth's Potential Brilliant; Pang Finds Filipino Comforts at Joy & James

Michael Nagrant only gives Elizabeth two stars for now, but "I see everything as possible, even four stars. Someday. Just not yet." Some things are unbalanced, like the "tyranny of cinnamon found in a shooter of “apple pie,” which tasted like thin apple juice and in a glass of cider-spiced loup de mer and sunchoke. The fish was cooked well, but the cinnamon made everything taste like a pack of Big Red." But other things are magically original: "Silky cubes of Hamachi are ringed by fizzy, fermented leeks and painted with funky fish sauce caramel. A tender tail of lobster is nestled in a crispy curl of brioche and coated in a velvety liver sauce and plated on a rusty bit of slate rock." In the end, "I have seen idiosyncratic chefs, uncompromising cooks and original thinkers, but I have rarely experienced every one of those traits in one person like I do in Regan. She is brilliant." [Sun-Times]

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