Beverly Kim and Johnny Clark Team With Kitchit to Aid Brooklyn's Governor

Brooklyn's Governor, before a 4-foot wave came for dinner.

Governor was a contemporary restaurant on Brooklyn's waterfront. We say was because it was flooded by Hurricane Sandy and has been closed since the end of October. But Kitchit Chicago, the cool food events outfit who put on the midnight ramen at EL Ideas, and chefs Beverly Kim and Johnny Clark (late of Bonsoirée) will team up with the Governor team Monday for a multi course dinner whose proceeds will go to helping the Governor team clean up and get up and running again. It's at a very cool historical location— the residents' dining hall at the Jane Addams Hull House Museum— and it starts at 7 with cocktails and 8 for dinner, plus an after party after. You can attend any chunk of that you want for different prices, up to $100 for the full night; see more details including the menu and get tickets here.