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People. People Who Read About Food People. Are the Luckiest People...

Abra Berens

The Reader's annual People issue, which is to say, not an issue about Kate Middleton and Rihanna but one about interesting people who do interesting things, somewhat out of the immediate limelight in Chicago, is out. And we're happy to learn more about three people we're aware of on the local scene through interacting with chefs, but could certainly stand to learn more about. One is Martin Kastner, the Czech-born designer who creates innovative silverware and serving pieces for Grant Achatz's restaurants, including the famous "porthole" for The Aviary.

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Watch This Supercut of Kids Eating Warheads for the First Time

"Fight through it," some guy encourages, off-camera, as a little girl with pigtails winces. "Fight through it!" Here's a bunch of kids (and a few babies, too) trying Warheads candy for the first time on video. This all may seem sour or sweet, depending on your feelings about kids, coercion, malic acid, and/or candy. Even if you've never eaten a Warhead before, the video is bound to leave a somewhat funny taste in your mouth.

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Hot and Spicy Soup Burned a Hole Through a Man’s Stomach

Though we've already heard about the London line cook who crumpled after eating ghost chiles, the teenage girl who froze her stomach with liquid nitrogen cocktails, and, of course, the Scottish guy who ate too many Brussels sprouts and almost died, the Year in Vengeful Meals would not be complete without an eleventh-hour appearance from Chinese Death Soup, so here goes: A 26-year-old man with no previous stomach troubles was hospitalized in Wuhan, China, after he enjoyed hot pot at a local restaurant. The unnamed man ordered the spiciest, "numbing hot" soup, vomited blood, and doctors say the chile- and Sichuan-peppercorn-addled soup "burned right through his stomach tissue." This allegedly happens often enough that medical professionals have started calling such cases "hot pot patients" after they're sorted out in the ER. [RocketNews via Foodbeast, Earlier]

18 Great Things People Said To Us in Interviews During 2012

A guy we talked to.

Continuing in our retrospective look back at 2012/quest to give you plenty to kill time with during a slow week at the office, we've collected some memorable quotes from some of the interviews we've conducted during the last year. We like doing interviews because chefs and other food people are almost always bursting to tell us about what they do. And we like doing interviews online because we don't have to tighten them up into soundbites to fit the page, but can let our subjects talk and talk and tell us what life in the kitchen (or wherever) is really like. So here are some of our favorite bits from people we talked to at length over the past year; don't miss yesterday's slideshow of great food photos from 2012, and come back tomorrow for a look back at our favorite food videos.

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Top Chef Seattle Recap: David Rees on Oyster Bogs and Old Turkey Bones

Hey, a fully functional oyster paddy.Photo: Courtesy of Bravo

Greetings from North Carolina! I’m home for the holidays, celebrating Christmas with family and friends. I hope you’re blessed as well. I know many of you read these recaps because you’re interested in my “meal memories” and “fondest foods,” so let me share some of the edible highlights of the holiday:

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More on Sodikoff's Deli, Coming in 2013, Probably

Time Out Chicago talked to Brendan Sodikoff about his deli project, beginning with the fact that it's apparently booted a couple of other projects (BBQ and ramen) out of line. Which to us says, are we so sure this is going to happen? Who knows, but we do learn a few things and he insists it's solid, so we'll add it to the list of things we're looking forward to next year. Other things we learn: it's headed for River North. It will have bagels, and that points us to the obvious influence being, besides the success of things like the matzoh ball soup at Au Cheval, Logan Square's Reno— when Sodikoff tells TOC "I really just want people to hang out there all the time" and promises lots of outlet for laptops, it's hard not to think he looked at that new place and said, "Why shouldn't River North have one of these, too?" (Why indeed?) Finally, the name will be Dillman's, for Bradford Dillman, human star of Escape From the Planet of the Apes. Okay, we're kidding about that. Dillman's, sounds like a solid deli name, not some J.J. Hasenpfeffer's Old Tyme Sandwichery type monicker. Find out more here. [TOC]

Six Ways Dining in Chicago Changed In 2012

All the Grub Street cities are taking a look at how the world of food changed in 2012 in their respective metropoli. From a weirdly ubiquitous fruit to a hilarious new sub-profession, here are the trends that we saw, and where necessary, what we can do to discourage them from spreading any further. Check out our colleagues' lists throughout the day to see what life is like in other parts of Foodlandia.

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What To Eat at Little Market Brasserie, Soft Open Now

Little Market Brasserie still has construction (of the bar area) going on around it, but in the meantime, people are visiting Chicago and staying at the Talbott Hotel (10 E. Delaware), and that means they want something to eat and drink. And that means that what can be open at Little Market Brasserie is open, serving Version 0.9 of Ryan Poli's menu of comfortable brasserie food with an international twist, plus a whole array of charged cocktails from the Tippling Brothers. There will be a grand opening in January, and the menu will surely be more elaborate by then, but check out what's already being whipped up there with the opening menu below.

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McDreamy Attempts to Save Coffee Company

That hair could fight Chapter 11.

Patrick Dempsey, who plays Dr. Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd on Grey's Anatomy, wants to rescue something for reals: He's leading a group that's striving to buy Tully's Coffee, a Seattle-based company that recently filed for bankruptcy protection. If Dempsey succeeds, he'll save more than 500 jobs in over 100 stores, as well as give thousands of women the caffeine they need to try to jump his bones. [HuffPo]

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