Kuma's To Open Kuma's Too at 666 W. Diversey

Not the new Kuma's Too.

It was going to open in Las Vegas. It was rumored for Woodfield Mall (that seems to have been a joke, or possibly confusion with this place). For years the possibility of another Kuma's Corner, the insanely popular heavy-metal themed burger bar in Avondale, has been out there. And now it's coming to about the closest the city offers to Woodfield Mall— a strip mall-esque stretch of Diversey near Clark, where it will take over the abruptly shuttered location of California burger chain The Counter... a location with the all-too-perfect address of 666 Diversey Ave. To be called Kuma's Too, this location currently resembles the old time pub original less than it does a TMobile or Foot Locker store, but maybe they can capture some of that heavy metal spirit in a vanilla box on Diversey. With 73 seats, it's bigger than the original, and it instantly joins The Peasantry at the top of the not-all-that-impressive list of places to eat around that stretch of Lincoln Park/Lakeview. [Dish]