What to Eat at Park Tavern, Opening Tonight

The foot-long grilled cheese, though we're pretty sure that's not only grilled cheese on it.

Which park is Park Tavern near? More like the United Center and Rush University Medical Center (as you'll know if you ever went to Moretti's, its predecessor in the same location at 1645 W. Jackson), but we suppose Hospital Tavern isn't really that great a name. (Actually, the name originated with the first location, in Rosemont.) Still, the menu does a surprisingly good job of bridging those two worlds nearby— sure, it has an impressive assortment of burgers and things like Animal Tots for the sports-game-bound, but a little "V" for Vegetarian (Or Can Be Made That Way) dots a surprising number of items, too, which suggests that there's healthier variety here than you often find in such places. Other features of note in the space, which seats 250 plus some private rooms, include a VIP table tap system where you can pour your own beer or spirits, and next summer, a 3000-square foot beer garden. So we guess the answer to where the park is, is at Park Tavern. Check out the menu below.

Park Tavern Opening Menu