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Louisville Student Wins S. Pellegrino Almost Famous Chef Regionals at Kendall

Congratulations to Kamisha Jones from Sullivan University in Louisville, who won the S. Pellegrino Almost Famous Chef regional title last night at Kendall College, and will go on to the national finals in Napa in March. Jones won out over competitors from seven schools in the North Central division with her signature dish, Seared Breast of Duck; she was chosen by a panel of judges including local chefs Sarah Grueneberg of Spiaggia, David Posey of Blackbird, Chef Jean Joho of Everest and Paris Club, and Chef Jared Van Camp of Old Town Social and Nellcote, as well as media judges Lisa Shames of CS Magazine, Anthony Todd of Chicagoist, Deb Pankey of the Daily Herald, and Beth Dugan of Chef Magazine.

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Baconfest's Roster of Chefs Up to More than 120

Baconfest released its complete roster of chefs... more than 120 local maestros of meat who have come together, as they put it, as a supergroup to jam on the theme of bacon. See the whole list here... and note that they still have a few VIP tickets left. Regular tickets go on sale February 20.

Homaro Cantu's Saving the World, Starting With Good Morning America and Kickstarter

You've heard Homaro Cantu talk about the Miracle Berry before; maybe you've even had one of the Miracle Berry dinners at iNG. The Miracle Berry, used in lozenge form, alters your taste perceptions to give the impression of sweetness— which is a pretty good parlor trick at iNG, but has other, more serious applications, including use as a sweetener and helping cancer patients regain their appetites (Cantu gives away quantities of them to help patients under treatment). In any case, Cantu's enthusiasm for what the berry can do is going to a new level with the publication of his book, The Miracle Berry Diet Cookbook, which offers recipes for making sweets that don't use sugar, but rather the Miracle Berry's ability to trick the tastebuds, for making things sweet. He was on Good Morning America this morning to talk about it; you can read about that and see three recipes from the book here.

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In China, You Can Make Money for Reporting a Food-Safety-Law Violator

Want to earn a quick 300,000 yuan ($48,200)? China is giving out cash prizes to people who turn in food-safety-law violators. The most common offenses to look out for are fake eggs, chemical-laced milk, and cooking oil that's recycled from drains. But recently, KFC's parent company, Yum Brands Inc., got into big trouble because its chicken contained excess amounts of antiviral drugs and hormones used to accelerate growth. The Chinese government's now cracking down, and it knows the power of bribery. [Reuters]

The Bristol Launches Saturday Brunch (And Here's the Menu)

Here is news to bring hope to gray winter Saturday mornings— news in which animal parts are crafted into brunch by Chris Pandel, and cocktails wet the lips, and desserts by Amanda Rockman bring joy to hearts young and old. The Bristol has finally started serving brunch on Saturdays, with a menu that includes many of Sunday's greatest brunch hits like the Hangover Breakfast, Bristol Burger and Biggie Cinnamon Roll, but also items you haven't seen before. It launched last Saturday; we've got the menu below, and you can make reservations (it runs 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.) here.

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Marc Vetri To Team Up With Publican For Victory Brewing Launch Jan. 24

Marc Vetri

Philadelphia's Italian food whiz Marc Vetri will collaborate with The Publican January 24 at a special dinner to launch Hundred Horse, a new brew from Victory Brewing Co. The brew, developed with Vetri and his chefs at Alla Spina in Philadelphia, is a dry, rich ale (5.5% alcohol) made with German Kolsch yeast and Oregon chestnuts, and will be available on a limited basis in the Chicago market this winter. To launch it, Vetri and Alla Spina chefs Michael Deganis and Jeff Michaud will collaborate with The Publican's Paul Kahan and Brian Huston on a four-course meal in which each course will be paired with a different Victory beer, each of them new to the Chicago market. There will be an event for beverage and hospitality professionals from 3:30 to 5:00 (business card required for entry), followed by dinner reservations (open to the public) from 5:30 to 10:30; the meal is $65, including beer pairings, and reservations are by telephone only at 312-733-9555. The full menu is below.

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Here Is Coca-Cola’s First Anti-Obesity Ad, ‘Coming Together’ [Update: Bittman Weighs In]

For the first time in history, Coca-Cola is acknowledging the perverse connection between soda and "the long-term health of our families" (corporate-speak for "pop makes you fat"). Now a new two-minute commercial makes the case that the company is a partner in our fight against obesity: Out of 650 Coca-Cola beverages, 180 are low- and no-calorie choices; portion-controlled sizes will be stocked in 90 percent of the country by the end of this year; beverage calories in schools are steadily reducing; Coke is working with scientists to find zero-calorie sweeteners, miracle berries, etc, etc. It's fine that Coca-Cola is addressing this issue head-on, but the safety of all those artificial sweetners is still questionable — low-cal or not.

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