Company, Permanent Pop-Up Space, Coming to Evanston

The first chefs to use the space will be Feast & Imbibe.

It was perhaps inevitable that the "permanent pop-up" would be the next thing— Los Angeles already has one, for instance. So wait, you ask, isn't the name for a permanent pop-up "restaurant"? Not exactly— it's a space designed as a kind of incubator for restaurant concepts, set up legally and practically for service already, but where different chefs can come in and try out their idea— or simply dabble for a few days. And Eric Singer, owner of Evanston's Lucky Platter, is turning a 500-square foot, 18-seat space at 1307 Chicago Avenue in Evanston into such a space, to be called Company. One hitch is that, being Evanston, there's no provision in the code for a BYO restaurant (the cost savings of BYO being a help in getting patrons to try an untried restaurant). But for now the space is operating with a temporary liquor license, beginning tonight with a series of Valentine's Day dinners by the underground dinner group Feast & Imbibe; Singer says the next chef lined up is Erwin Drechsler, longtime owner of Erwin's, who will partner with Stephanie Samuels of Angel Food Bakery to serve a five-course dinner next week. [Evanston Patch]