What To Do On Monday Night: Common Threads World Festival


Trolley ride with Gail Simmons (Food & Wine)? Snapping Turtle Soup straight from Rick Tramonto's acclaimed New Orleans spot Restaurant R'evolution? Those are just two of the experiences waiting for you at tonight's 7th Annual World Festival at Soldier Field's United Club, benefiting Common Threads, which has been teaching school-based nutrition and health education programs to underserved communities in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Palo Alto and Washington DC for 10 years. This years World Festival Chicago will feature dishes and participation by such top chefs as: Girl & The Goats Stephanie Izard, Mercaditos Patricio Sandoval, Bokas Carl Shelton, Soccas Roger Herring, Paris Clubs Alex Ageneu, Tavernitas Greg Bastien, Belly Q, Urban Belly and Belly Shacks Bill Kim, Table Fifty-Twos Rey Villalobos, Prasinos Riley Huddleston, among many more. The trolley ride with Gail Simmons, which takes you to Kendall for a meal with surprise chefs and culinary students, was a cool grand and is sold out anyway, but regular tickets are just $250 at the door at Soldier Field. Get more info here.