Of Course There's a Juice-Cleanse Cocktail Now — And It Sounds Great

V-9 Cocktail at Mercadito

Kale, cilantro, pineapple juice and ginger root sound like ingredients for a juice cleanse. But what happens if you throw them in a cocktail? You can find out by trying Mercadito's new V-9 cocktail ($12), which the Tippling Bros' Paul Tanguay says is the next generation V-8 juice. "It's got all the nutrition of a V-8 with the wonderful addition of tequila," he says. "It's that great balance of sweet, savory and refreshing." Previously, Tanguay has used kale in his Bloody Mary, but this concoction has even more anti-inflammatory, cleansing and gastrointestinal benefits. Other new spring cocktails include The Copper Canyon ($12), an ode to peaches with herbaceous epazote-infused sotol, white peach, lemon, and peach bitters. Downstairs at Double A, Malort and mezcal are used in the Four Bitter Stars ($14), along with yellow Chartreuse, herbal bitter Becherovka and Mexican mole bitters. Also new to the menu is the Urbs in Horto ($12) featuring Olmeca blanco tequila, pomegranate, thyme, bitters, and egg white.