You Can't Tell The Craft Brewers Without a Scorecard

One of many that opened in 2012-13.

One thing we feel we can never keep on top of is local breweries. Every time there's a new story about a beer event, there's a new brewery to go with it. In fact, Tom Keith at The Local Beet says that just in breweries that have opened since the start of 2012, we're about to exceed the number of breweries (43) we had in pre-Prohibition days in the city, which is surely a remarkable triumph over the consolidation of the industry that had basically wiped independent brewers out by the 1980s. Keith tallies up and tells us a couple of lines about each of the new independent brewers he's been able to get information about— no fewer than 44 in the city and suburbs that seem pretty solid, plus another half dozen "maybe somedays" and others. It's a spectacular work that will be instantly bookmarked as a cheat sheet for anybody who has to write about beer. [The Local Beet]